Metal 30 Amps Circuit Breaker


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Metal 30 Amps Circuit Breaker

This Metal 30 Amps Circuit Breaker is a type 2 circuit breaker for DC applications and is rated up to 12 volts.  The breaker will operate until tripped.  Once this occurs an internal resistor will keep the breaker in the off position until power is removed from the circuit.  This process then repeats until the source of the over-current is removed and/or corrected.  Use with circuit breaker mounting brackets for simple installation.

  • Metal 30 Amps Circuit BreakerMeets RVIA and SAE J553 specifications.
  • Operating temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°F).
  • Storage temperature is -40°F to 260°F (-40°C to 125°C).
  • Nuts and washers included.
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Platinum Bleed Feed Systems

One of the company’s bestselling packages is its ‘Bleed Feed’ system, which allows the rider to control both ride height and rebound. The system is controlled by positive pressure at all times. It is also easily adjustable at the flip of a switch for complete comfort for the rider’s weight or road conditions. The unit designed for use on all FL bagger models is the most popular of our bleed feed kits. Standard options include chrome, polished, powder coated or satin finishes. Powder coating in specific colors available by special request.

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