Bleed Feed Control Valve For All Mono and Side Mount Application


Bleed Feed Control Valve for all mono & side mounted applications.

(Switch Harness Side Sold Separately)

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Bleed Feed Bleed Feed Control ValveControl Valve + Fittings (Switch Harness Side Sold Separately) for all mono & side mounted applications.

Platinum Bleed Feed Systems

Our Bleed Feed system allows the rider to control both ride height and rebound. The system is controlled by positive pressure at all times. It is also easily adjustable at the flip of a switch for complete comfort for the rider’s weight or road conditions. The unit designed for use on all FL bagger models is the most popular of our bleed feed kits. Standard options include chrome, polished, powder coated or satin finishes. Powder coating in specific colors available by special request.

The Bleed Feed is not the only system in the Platinum Air Suspension line-up as it also offers the Simple system, which features the same high-level of componentry as the Bleed Feed but does not offer rebound control. However, users are still able to control the ride height through pump and release pressure. The most popular of the Bleed Feed kits is the unit designed for use on FL Bagger models, and like all of Platinum’s offerings there is a wide choice of finishes on the shocks. As standard there is the option of chrome, polished, powder coated or satin finishes and by special request powder coating in the specific color choice of the customer.

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